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   Adacta Accounting Ltd is an independent company, offering financial and accounting services, supported by the great experience and knowledge of specialists on the field of accounting, taxes and financial analysis.
   Our mission is to provide our clients with professional accounting services and to protect their interests by offering different forms of business relationships, depending on their needs.
   Our leading aim is to approve at the market as a company which provides modern and professional services. We seek to be recognized as a reliable partner and competitor of the well-known international consulting companies.


Great practical experience in the cooperation with domestic and foreign companies;
Long practice in the identification and solving of financial and accounting problems concerning the business;
Individual approach, built on the customers specific needs related to his business activity;
Optimization of the due taxes choice of an optimal variant of taxation by analysis and implementation of financial and accounting law;
Mediator in the relationships with the tax, social and other local authorities;
Guaranteed confidentiality;
Excellent information sources and built system for providing of management information;
Risk management, starting with the keeping a close watch of normative terms and the connected with them sanctions;
Team of specialists on the field of corporate finance, investments, accounting, tax, commercial and labour laws;
Taking responsibility for the work done;
Possibility for choosing of payment schedule with price deductions and preferences. You will find by us attractive prices of services with possibility for direct negotiation.


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