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   Our company guarantees discretion regarding the information known to us as result of our cooperation with the customer.

   Our customers are our business-partners in a long-term fair relationship, aiming to achieve prosperity, market and financial stability together.

   You will find by us attractive prices of services with possibility for direct negotiation.

We offer:

  • Accounting services during the year, using monthly subscription;
    Development of accounting tax policy;
    Operative daily management of the accounting documentation;
    Reports of the status of financial and accounting performance of the company;
    Planning and implementation of systems for control of the financial-accounting department in a company;
    Training of accounting specialists;
  • Accounting services at the end of the year:
    Preparing and submitting of finical report of the company for the year;
    Preparing and submitting of all tax declarations;
    Preparing and submitting of finical reports for National Statistic Institute;
  • Consulting on Bulgarian accounting, tax and trade law;
    Consulting on hour-basis;
    Consulting regarding the development of individual tax strategies.
  • We support and protect our customers by the necessary tax audits, performed by state authorities in connection with: Value added tax; The Law of corporate income; Social security contributions; etc.

Accounting service cost is defined by number of employees, scope of activity, amount of documents, etc. our price for accounting services is competitive and defined during negotiation.

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