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   Adacta Accounting Company offers independent attendance, connected with monthly Payroll services in a company - processing of wages, payrolls, benefits, social and health insurance, etc.

   Our over 15 years, experience of accounting shows that whatever the kind of business and employees number is, Payroll services is a complicated and dynamic matter, requiring time, competence, equipment and training expenses, etc. That is exactly the reason for us to create this separate profiled module, whose purpose is to serve just Payroll services. Our professionals competence and experience is guarantee of providing a higher level of quality attending the company needs. Keeping in line with all current legal regulations of labour and payment in Bulgaria, its only one of the services provided by this module.

   The module provides additional opportunities to every entrepreneur:

   1) Practice is that people employed at one and same or similar positions in one company may receive deferent wages. The amount of the salary is decided individually and depends on different factors such as: macro economy, the company policy, the current situation on the labour market and mostly is a matter of personal negotiation.Moving this activity out of the company and the confidentiality it provides, eliminates all the potential problems with motivation and personnel turnover, which are likely to arise in a company with its own accounting attendance.

   2) If a company using external bookkeeping attendance is not pleased with the quality of Payroll services but is satisfied with all the rest of accounting services, it can use only our Payroll services module.

   3) If the chief accountant is overworked and has no time to do extra training and keep up with this matter the company has the opportunity to address this module.

We give our clients the opportunity to choose the most effective accounting services at minimum expenses for them.


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